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Why I Tricked the Emergency Room Doctor

These doctors and nurses think they know it all. All that training and they don't know the simple basics about health. Their ignorance is deplorable to me. They don't even know the cause of infections and that germs (in most cases I'm aware of) don't cause disease.

At least this is the case with many physicians; I know this isn't so with more enlightened doctors. In fact, we have many of the more enlightened doctors who read the Superbeing Secrets Letter regularly. But for them to realize these concepts, they had to step outside of their medical school training.

Several years back I cut my left pointer finger with a very sharp knife and I went to the emergency room and got 18 stitches. That was a painful situation. I couldn't believe that the doctors were asking me to move my finger back and forth before they did any work on the finger. I was in enough pain as it was.

Anyway, that's beside the point. After they sewed me all up, the doctor said he was going to prescribe antibiotics for me. But I knew I had no need to take antibiotics.

Why the heck was I so confident that I wouldn't get an infection? Because I was eating a 100% Raw Food Diet.

When I used to eat cooked food, I often got infections in my mouth, but then when I switched to going 100% raw those infections never happened. I had gone back and forth with 100% raw many times and always I got the same results.

Each time I went back to cooked foods, I got infections in my mouth, each time I went raw I never had infections in my mouth. It becomes quite obvious after a while.

I also read many raw food books and knew from the authors that you won't get infections if you're body is clean. My experience proved this.

So when the nurse gave me an antibiotic to take right there in the hospital, I was a bit surprised. I thought I'd just get a prescription and then not fill it.

But she gave me the pill and to avoid confrontation I simply pretended to swallow it. I knew I wouldn't get an infection. I guess I did a little magic trick with the pill and made it disappear without it going in my mouth.

So what was the result of me not taking my "absolutely necessary" antibiotics? How about ZERO INFECTION. My cut even got wet and it never became infected. Was this luck or an accident?

No way, it was no accident. I was simply demonstrating the fact that if you're body is clean you won't get infections or colds for that matter.

The real cause of infections is not germs or virus, but the filth that builds up in the human body. You'll only get an infection if you have excess waste products and toxins in your body. Otherwise you can have all the cuts you want, hang out with people that have the flu or any other so called infectious disease and you won't get it.

I haven't had the flu in many years, I think at least 7 or 8 years if not more. I know many other raw foodists who have experienced the exact same thing. Everyone around them is sick, but they don't get sick.

If you want to take charge of your health, if you want to stop being the victim of allergies, if you want a superior life, then you need to feed your body with clean and superior nutrition and that is the Raw Food Diet.

The Germ Theory Lie

It was created to make a bunch of doctors very wealthy. It's one of the founding principles of medical science and it's a complete hoax, a frigin lie of mammoth proportions.

If you want to learn the facts about the Germ Theory and The Myth of Contagion, I have two suggestions for you.

If you happen to be in the New York City area on Monday night 5/14/07, that's tomorrow, by the way, then you really should find a way to come on over and listen to a master speak. Or maybe you have friends or relatives living near New York.

The name of this master communicator and educator is Matthew Grace, the author of A Way Out. Matthew is a powerful and totally inspiring speaker, you'll feel his deep emotions when he talks, he'll unwrap the web of lies created by the medical monopoly.

These lies are designed to make you a victim, to make you pay for needless and toxic druggings, chemical burning and surgery. I don't say these things lightly and neither does Matthew. He's put in many years of study into this field.

He's one of the leading raw food leaders of NYC and he's also an expert on AIDS. And yes AIDS is not caused by the so-called HIV virus. I'm sure Matthew will explain that as well. Matthew is such an incredible resource, I hope you get the chance to hear him speak.

You can learn about tomorrow night's talk that is sponsored by the Raw Health and Happiness Society by visiting this link.


But if you don't have a chance to come to the talk then I highly recommend you read Matthew's book "A Way Out." That book is brilliantly written, he makes such powerful illustrations and mental pictures in your mind. His explanations make everything crystal clear in your mind.

The chapter to read is chapter 5, The Myth of Contagion. I'm awed by how well written that chapter is. When you read that, you'll understand why the germ theory is a bunch of crock. I do suggest more background reading, because Matthew doesn't get into all the details and citations to back up his points. But I know he's done the full research.

http://matthewgrace.com/ to learn more about the book and see pictures of the muscular Matthew Grace. He's also a personal trainer and builds his muscles with a raw vegan diet and Natural Hygiene approach.

But those citations about the "myth of the germ theory" are out there. I know because I have done the research as well. What most people are unaware of is that Louis Pasteur (the main proponent of the germ theory) was a plagiarist and a second rate scientist, but a first rate politician.

But that's a story for another day. Just realize that much of what is passed on as medical truth, is nothing more than a lie calculated to separate you from your money, your health and yes your life. This is no joke, this is the most serious of information.

It's very likely you have family members that have suffered greatly and died well before their time because they made the mistake of trusting their health to doctors. At least you cannot say that you haven't been told. And hopefully, you are one of my enlightend readers who knows better.

So please try to come to Matthew's talk if you're in the area and otherwise I highly recommend you read his book.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to stop getting colds, allergies and flues and if you want to never have to worry about infections, then you know what you need to do. You need to make a commitment to your health and start enjoying the ultimate diet on the planet, the Raw Food Diet.

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